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"Donny Jackson’s lighting was evocative and smart."
-Press Telegram, Closely Related Keys, ICT Long Beach, 2021

"Beautifully lit by Donny Jackson."

-New York Times, Making Friends, IAMA Theatre Co.

“Donny Jackson’s lighting, Jesse Mandapat’s sound, and David Murakami ’s projections round out a strong production team.”
-Splash Magazine, West Adams, Skylight Theatre, 2020

"Strikingly lit by Donny Jackson."- Stage Scene LA, West Adams, Skylight Theatre, 2020

"Donny Jackson’s subtly dramatic lighting design."
- Stage Scene LA, The Christians, Actors Co-op, 2019

"Lighting design by Donny Jackson with sound design by Dino Herrmann, enhance the many moods of the play."
- Broadway World,  Death and Life of Mary Jo Kopechne, Odyssey Theatre, 2018

"Vibrantly lit  by Donny Jackson."
-Stage Scene LA, Arrival & Departure, Fountain Theatre, 2018

“Also of note is the vibrant lighting design throughout by Donny Jackson, which convincingly evokes fire, nighttime shadows and an at times heavenly ambiance.”
-The Grunion, Flight, Long Beach Playhouse, 2018

“... aided by Donny Jackson’s creamy, atmospheric lighting...”, The Chosen, Fountain Theatre, 2018

"Donny Jackson lights the two Brooklyn homes with nuance and grace"
-Stage Scene LA, The Chosen, Fountain Theatre, 2018

“...the set (DeAnne Millais) and lighting (Donny Jackson) admirably befit the play.”
-Stage Raw, The Chosen, Fountain Theatre, 2018

“Lighting by Donny Jackson is also a success, giving form and definition to DeAnne Millais’s sturdy set, allowing it to encompass many different realities.”
-Stage and Cinema, The Chosen, Fountain Theatre, 2018

“Lighting by designer Donny Jackson is subtle and transparent.”
-Paul Myrvold's Theatre Notes, The Chosen, Fountain Theatre, 2018

“ (Sean Gray) and lighting (Donny Jackson) that create just the right tone (from gleeful to gloomy) for each scene.”
-Signal Tribune, A Christmas Carol, Long Beach Playhouse, 2017

"Donny Jackson’s lighting design was well executed, really giving the sense of a car traveling", Driving Miss Daisy, Colony Theatre, 2017

"...Donny Jackson’s first-rate lighting design. (Jackson’s driving effects are particularly impressive.)”
-Stage Scene LA, Driving Miss Daisy, Colony Theatre, 2017

"...Donny Jackson’s lighting and Mike Napoli’s sound moving things along with ease.”
-Splash Magazines, Driving Miss Daisy, Colony Theatre, 2017

"The combination of Spencer Richardson’s thoughtful set design and Donny Jackson’s pitch-perfect, moment-to-moment lighting is good enough to immerse us not only in the Kit Kat Klub, but also in the Gotterdammerung that was Berlin in 1930."
-Random Lengths News, Cabaret, Long Beach Playhouse, 2017

"Dark suspenseful scenes are skillfully lit by light designer Donald Jackson in that hazy, shadowy way that old horror movies and film noirs do."- Signal Tribune, Dracula, Long beach Playhouse, 2017

"Kudos to lighting designer Donny Jackson who sets just the right mood."- Discover Hollywood, Blackbird, The MET Theatre 2017

"Lighting by Donny Jackson is of necessity, spare, simple and effective."
- Theatre Notes, A Steady Rain, John Kirby Studio, 2017

"Special mention to the lighting design by Donny Jackson."
-, A Steady Rain, John Kirby Studio, 2017

"...Donny Jackson’s evocative lighting"
- Stage Raw, A Steady Rain, John Kirby Studio2017

"Lit with flair by Donny Jackson" - Stage Scene LA, Company, Morgan
-Wixson Theatre, 2017

"Evocative, attention-focusing lighting designed by Donny Jackson", Company, Morgan-Wixson2017

"...with Donny Jackson’s lighting, it creates an off-white purgatory, a few psychological steps up from hell​."- Huffington Post, Marat/Sade, Long Beach Playhouse, 2016

"The lighting by Donny Jackson helps shape our attention just enough during key dramatic points to be noticeable, but not intrusive.​"- Long Beach Post, A Raisin in the Sun, Long Beach Playhouse, 2016

"...benefits from Donny Jackson’s ingenious lighting design"- Stage Scene LA, Drama Queens from Hell, Odyssey Theatre, 2016

"Donny Jackson’s lighting and Joseph “Sloe” Slawinski’s sound are particularly invaluable."- Los Angeles Times, Blood, Complex Theatre, 2016
"...Donny Jackson’s excellent lighting design."- Stage Scene LA,  A Singular They, Blank Theatre, 2016 "

"Lighting design by Donny Jackson lends warmth and intimacy, and also assists in distinguishing between the diverse settings of the play"- Stage Raw, A Singular They, Blank Theatre, 2016
"Donny Jackson blanketed the stage with glorious colors."- LA West Media, Blood, Complex Theatre, 2016
"The light design by Donny Jackson finds some striking moments throughout the evening, especially at the play's revealing climax."- Long Beach Post, Bat Boy, Long Beach Playhouse, 2015
"Donny Jackson’s excellent lighting and Troy Hauschild’s expert videography complete Café Society’s Grade A production design." - Stage Scene LA, Café Society, Odyssey Theatre, 2015
"Several quasi-balletic sequences, lit by lighting designer Donny Jackson, provide whimsical, dream-like moments to balance to stark, exposed brightness of the other scenes."-Hollywood Revealed, Zulu Time, Hudson Theatre, 2015
"Lighting design by Donny Jackson makes good use of strobe during battle."- Gia on the Move, Zulu Time, Hudson Theatre, 2015
"Lighting designer Donny Jackson effectively creates mood-enhancing focus."- , Death of a Salesman, Long Beach Playhouse, 2015
"Donny Jackson’s lighting design really adds to the nightmarish tone of some of the sequences."- Neon Tommy, Ubu The Sh*t, Four Clowns Theatre Co, 2014
"Donny Jackson’s lights effectively normalize a plastic mean- spiritedness...It’s quite an image."-The Chamber Pot, Fat Pig, The Hudson Theatre, 2014
"In concert with lighting designer Donny Jackson, and set and projection designer Hana Sooyeon Kim, Ms. Finney has orchestrated a beautiful staging in a challenging venue" -Working Author, Closely Related Keys, The Lounge Theatre, 2014
"There can be absolutely no quibbles about Hana Sooyeon Kim’s scenic and projection design...Donny Jackson’s lighting is equally accomplished" - Stage Scene LA, Closely Related Keys, The Lounge Theatre, 2014
"From Donny Jackson’s wondrous lighting on Naomi Kasahara’s vaguely stylized set to the repetitious flashbacks of significant scenes, every moment challenges the audience to think and look deep."  - Signal Tribune, Vigils, Long Beach Playhouse, 2013
"Lighting designer Donny Jackson shined through his atmospheric changes, supporting both the performers and set design."  - Life In L.A.,  That Beautiful Laugh,  Four Clowns Theatre Co, 2013
"Director Gigi Fusco Meese provides supple transitions and atmospheric tactics, with designer Donny Jackson’s lighting especially effective."  - L.A. Times, Intimately Wilde, Olio Theatre Works, 2013  
"Donny Jackson’s efficient and textural lighting, works perfectly to both bring us into the dank conditions of Reading Gaol, and to free us into the chambers of Wilde’s life with Constance and Bosie."  - Greater Long Beach, Intimately Wilde, Olio Theatre Works, 2013
"The lighting design of Donny Jackson helped this production be the standout it was."  - Bitter Lemons LA, In The Heights, Casa 0101 Theatre, 2012
"Donny Jackson's lighting design is vibrant and dramatic."  - Stage Scene LA, In The Heights, Casa 0101 Theatre, 2012
"Director Phyllis Gitlin, along with lighting designer Donny Jackson, was able to make their vision of the play’s setting and atmosphere come alive." - Signal Tribune, The Glass Menagerie, Long Beach Playhouse, 2012

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